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Do you know De Wae - Goals for v1.3

2018-03-13 11:55:05 by jeremy7986

Hi everyone!
First of all thank my friend's artwork! This is my first time to get "Best Game of the Month", so I received the congratulations gift! :D

Monika is the BEST WAIFU FOREVER!!!
She is my Queen. She is my only WAE.



Thanks again for everyone! I'm so glad to see everyone enjoy my game! :D



About v1.3, it will be a huge update. Maybe I'll take few weeks to work for it.


Goals for v1.3:

- Add more Win & Lose animations.

- Add Theater mode, this will add in menu's page. In theater mode you can watch the animations anytime if you already watch this in game!

- Add more special event. It expected to add a "good " event and a "bad" event.

Plz look forward to the update! :D



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2018-03-14 16:00:23


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